44VA 1U-J POWER 120V Transformer

44VA 1U-J POWER 120V Transformer

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Power transformer for 100 or 120V Volt mains systems

Operates in parallel primaries for 100V or 120V Volt 50~60 Hz countries
Used in linear power supply systems for:

Manley Enhanced Pultec PEQB
Manley Stereo Pultec SPEQ
Manley MID Frequency EQ MIDEQ
Manley VOXBOX older linear PSU models
Manley JUMBO SHRIMP and SHRIMP preamplifiers
Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre DMMPX

NOTE: Do not attempt to use wires in series or unit will hum.
For 220~240V operation buy the dedicated 234V model