TNT Mic Pre Retube Kit Version A

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This kit is only for Manley TNT Mic Preamps with the serial number falling between MTNT000 - MTNT0231.

(1) of 12AT7 tube for input gain
(1) of 6414 or 12BH7 tube for driver output. If your unit has a 6414 and you're switching to a 12BH7 (or vice versa) you will need to recalibrate your unit - please refer to your manual for recalibration procedure. Be aware that some tube brands are subject to change over time and may not match the pictures shown.

UPDATE: We have replaced 6414 tube with 12BH7EH type as of October 2013 on most of our products. There are limited quantities of 6414 GE or RAYTHEON so 12BH7EH is what will ship by default.